Alternative R&B artist Kelleia demonstrates feminine power with a presence simultaneously sensual and ethereal. A lifelong dancer and gifted writer, Kelleia has a unique fluency in crafting expansive emotional environments through music and movement. A native of Southern California, the singer-producer born Kelley Kim earned her Master’s degree in City Design and Social Science from The London School of Economics in 2013. After graduating, Kelleia traded academia for artistry and embarked on a spiritual odyssey through India, Costa Rica and Colombia, writing fresh, intimate songs along the way. Creative juices now flow from her sun-filled Silver Lake studio, where Kelleia’s output explores heartbreak, loss, resilience, self-realization, and the turbulence of being a first-generation Korean-American.

Kelleia's upcoming debut EP Mother/Lover is a joint effort among several Los Angeles producers and marks the artist's release from a 7-year cycle of grief following the sudden death of her mother. She is currently writing new music focused on cross-cultural environmental storytelling and healing ancestral and personal traumas and DJs regularly throughout Los Angeles.