Kelleia's musical essence pays homage to deep emotion and revelation. As a singer, songwriter, and producer with Los Angeles roots, Kelleia navigates through elements of soul, R&B, electronic, and world music with the sensuality of a lifelong dancer and the unteachable boldness of a modern siren. Her ethereal melodies and rhythms blend meticulous electronic production with her affinity for playing the harmonium and traditional instruments like the Korean Buk. A powerful presence imbued with a natural grace, Kelleia captivates her audience and charges a room, big or small, with breathtaking intimacy.

The 26-year-old songstress has undergone much soul-searching in the last few years. After finishing up schooling in NYU and the London School of Economics, she backpacked across South America visiting sacred sites and studied yoga for several months in India. During this time of exploration, she visited some 30 different countries around the world. Her understanding of music blasted open with every new culture she encountered, from the brewing beat scenes of east London and the intimate underground jazz clubs of Belgrade to the transcendent flute concerts in South Indian ashrams.

Kelleia's years-long wanderlust culminated in the return to her old stomping grounds of Los Angeles. She had traveled the world to gain knowledge of the self and of Mother Earth, but her vast exposure to cultural music of the past and present and the untimely death of her mother awakened in her an unquenchable desire to express her spirit through song and movement.

Like all things in her life, Kelleia has charged full force into this endeavor. Her collaborations with a rotation of LA-based producers — including Auralponic and Jonny Joon — have manifested her first-ever body of original songs. Under the mentorship of producers Auralponic and Dot, Kelleia has bloomed into a producer in her own right. Her melodies and beats are fluid and primal; track to track, she traverses and experiments with varying sound dimensions, weaving obscure samples and personal field recordings to crystallize a particular expression. Kelleia’s sound exudes a hypnotizing yet familiar feeling. She is the embodiment of a multifaceted, modern-day artist.